What This Mom Caught On A Camera She Setup To See What Her Husband Does With Her Kids? LOL!

When mom isn’t around, the little ones tend to play and maybe even bend the rules a little. Funnily enough, this often applies even when dad is on babysitting duties! It’s no big surprise that many young kids all around the world prefer hanging out with their fathers while at home.

One mother took it upon herself to put a hidden camera in her residence. She did this to give the youngsters’ grandmother a chance to look at their adorable daily lives. The camera got her young daughter dancing around enthusiastically to pop music on the television, specifically “E.T.” by well-known musician Katy Perry. Not only was the young girl dancing on her own, but so was her little brother. The baby boy was happily bopping around from inside of his bouncer.

Things changed a little bit, however, when the girl spotted her dad on his way over to them. The dad immediately interrupted whatever was previously occupying him and accompanied his little girl (and sweet baby son) for a hilariously charming dance and lip synch routine. The girl truly seemed to adore watching her father dance his heart out with her.

Mom, who was absent at the time, must have had a blast watching this camera footage later on. Not only did she figure out that her husband indeed can dance like a champ, but she also figured out that she’s simply a terrific dad, although she surely already was aware of that fact. As far as entertaining dads go, few men around beat this one. Not only is this dad a total blast, but he’s also obviously someone who truly cares for his youngsters.

Dad had no idea he was being watched by a concealed camera. All the camera did, however, was prove to the world that he’s truly a stand-up guy. His wife and kids are truly fortunate people to have him in their lives, that’s for sure. Everyone should have a father just like him. The world would definitely be a better and cooler place all around.

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