Woman Is Crowned The World’s Most Attractive Grandma

Gina Stewart is NOT shy about her title of the “World’s Hottest Grandma.” She takes pride in how she looks, in spite of having 4 kids of her own (varying from ages 4 through 27) and a grandchild.

She keeps her fans interested on Instagram by continuously publishing viral images, along with posing in publications not intended for people under 18.

The 47 Year Old first came to be known after she won the title of Miss Maxim Australia. It wasn’t just her looks that helped her win, it was also the fact she was a grandma as well.

She initially entered the contest for the prize money which she wanted to win to help a friend pay for medical expenses after suffering from a stroke. The fame that has come from her win in the months following was never something she planned for.

Do you think she’s deserving of this title?

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