Place Sliced Onions On Your Feet To Help Cure A Cold Overnight

Place Sliced Onions On Your Feet To Help Cure A Cold Overnight

While advances in modern medical science have uncovered a vast amount of treatment options for diseases that have been around for thousands of years, there are still some options for simple treatments that are not only ideal, but they are far healthier than the artificial chemical medicines used to treat a variety of illnesses in today’s world. One of the most interesting methods of curing illness came about during the 16th century, and while it sounds a bit strange, it can be exceptionally effective.

The treatment is quite simple. Patients simply have to take an onion slice and attach it to their foot. This natural remedy is perfect for fever reduction, fighting the signs and symptoms of the common cold, and detoxifying the body. The best way to go about getting these benefits is by placing a slice of onion in the bottom of your sock overnight.

For generations, humans have known about the healing properties of onions. They are a great source of a number of vital nutrients and compounds that can be used to fight many diseases. The reason why onions smell so pungent is that they include a wide variety of compounds that contain sulfur, and these compounds are responsible for the antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory effects associated with the vegetable.

The reason for placing the onion in the sock on the bottom of the foot is that the foot contains over 7,000 nerve endings. This is why feet massages often work to alleviate pain in other areas of the body. There are points on the feet that are connected to other parts of the body, either directly or through nerve interaction. Such parts of the body include the heart, brain, and liver. The introduction of an onion and the compounds it carries to the feet will instantly start pushing those compounds into your system. Those compounds can then start to offer their medical benefits.

Placing an onion slice in the bottom of your sock before bed will help kill germs, bacteria, and any other pathogens that might be in your body. This is a great way to combat cold and flu symptoms during the winter months, and patients can use other things beyond socks to secure the onion. Plastic wrap works as well, but that can also cause excessive sweating and itchiness.

Some doctors, including Dr. Lauren Feder, believe that this onion treatment for the feet can even help reduce swelling in lymph nodes, which are vital for the immune system to operate at an optimal level. Dr. Feder is the author of a book called Natural Baby and Childcare, and she recommends this natural remedy for all ages. She claims that the onion sock method can be used in children to treat pains associated with teething, earaches, and even bladder infections.

It might seem like a strange idea to put a slice of onion in your sock before going to sleep, but there is a vast amount of evidence that such treatment is highly effect at reducing the negative effects of many common ailments. Parents will like the fact that it isn’t dangerous at all, meaning it can be used on their children, toddlers, and even infants. Shallots can work just as well and are recommended for children and babies since the smaller slices will be easier to deal with. The next time you notice cold or flu symptoms in yourself or your loved ones, it would be a good idea to try this safe and natural remedy. The effects are quite noticeable even after only one night, so don’t waste time with harmful chemical medicines.

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