She Does Something Some People Are Offended By

It has long been known that classical music is both stimulating to the mind and soothing to the human spirit. It has also been found that men are often calmed down at the sight of female breasts. In part, their reaction may be due to comfort they received nursing off their mothers. Also, men are visual creatures and the sight of female beauty is likewise soothing.

In this video, men may well experience the best of both worlds. The woman in the video, who calls herself “Sara X”, is by all accounts an exceedingly beautiful woman. She has perfect snow white skin, blue eyes, and her straight hair is dyed white with a tinge of blue/purple. While she is heavily tattooed, principally along her right arm and front chest below her clavicle bones, the edge look she has created really works well for her. She is also a size D.

Wearing a black leather bikini top studded with rhinestones along the front straps, she stands facing the camera with a calm unflinching demeanor. It is as this time that the music to one of Mozart’s most famous melodies called “Eine Kline Nachtmusik” (“A Little Night Music”) begins to play.

The woman is able to move her breasts to the melody of the song. It would require excellent muscle tone and coordination for anyone to pull off this performance. Bear in mind, she is doing it as a well-endowed woman. It may take a second viewing to get past her train stopping appearance, but a careful view of her breast motions reveals that Ms. Sara X has conditioned her body well.

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