VIDEO: When I Saw What This Newborn Did, I Had To Take A Double Look. LOL HA!

Babies are very cute little additions to our lives. They are blessings from above. These innocent little gems have no idea how to even do things wrong yet, and that is what makes these little babies so adorable. This little baby however made a very strong gesture to the camera without even knowing it. Not even fifteen minutes out of the womb, this little baby is already flipping the bird to the camera.

This is one of those classic videos that is sure to go viral all over the internet. A little baby not even 30 minutes old is already flipping off the world. There are so many funny baby videos out on the internet, but this one really seems to take the cake.

There aren’t that many 15 minute old babies that are this audacious. Flipping off the camera is a very fun thing to do for jokes when you are older, but it looks like this 15 minute old baby has already had enough and wants that camera out of her face.

It is funny to see the reaction of disbelief as the father continues to film the action that is going on. Needless to say, this is one of the funniest baby videos to hit the internet lately. This baby video is bound to stick around for quite some time and get many views. It is a great gag that will probably be remixed over and over again. This will be a great video for parents all around the world to watch.

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