VIDEO: Unborn Baby Does The Unfathomable When Pregnant Mom Is Getting Her Haircut At Salon!

People are always so fascinated by baby’s movements within the womb. It is amazing to see just how much life they have before they are even out in the world. However, people do not usually expect that the movements of these tiny fetuses can be seen from the outside. In the case of this mom-to-be, her baby’s reaction to being in a beauty salon was noticeable to anyone who was around.

She was just getting a shampoo when her baby started moving around. Apparently the baby really liked this shampoo, or something else about the environment. Everyone there was marveling at the way her belly was moving around while she was just sitting in the chair.

The baby was apparently trying to stand up while it was in her belly. It was quite unusual, and it was pretty amazing to watch. Apparently, this child is already quite the athlete even before birth; imagine what it will be able to do once it comes out.

This is a great experience for this mother; she will likely want to go back to the beauty salon to see if she will be able to replicate the experience. This is definitely not something that you see every day, so this video is definitely worth watching. It is so great that someone was able to catch this rare moment on tape.

She is likely looking forward to meeting this athletic baby now, as it will likely be able to do a few really impressive maneuvers.

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