VIDEO: She Was On The Phone With A 911 Dispatcher, But When She Says This, I Freaked Out

Calling 911 is reserved for emergencies. There are some children who dial the number by accident. This little girl knew what she was doing, and she is probably the reason her father is alive today. Her daddy began having trouble breathing, and the little girl knew something wasn’t right. The man couldn’t call for help on his own, so the five-year-old picked up the phone and dialed 911.

When the girl started talking to the dispatcher, she was clear in what she said and sounded so assured of what she was saying. She also kept telling her daddy that everything would be alright until the police officers got to the house.

This little girl is a hero, and during the conversation, she says something that is so adorable that one can’t help but laugh. She told the man who answered exactly what was wrong, and she was very calm through the entire phone call. She tells the man that they need to come fast to the home.

She goes to unlock the front door, and she tells her dad not to worry in such a reassuring way. When the call is almost over, she tells the dispatcher that she has to find clothes to wear because they are in their jammies and that the door is unlocked.

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