VIDEO: If You Think This Bird Is Gorgeous Now Just Wait Until The 18 Second Mark…

Don DesJardin is a passionate bird lover who shot a video clip of a lovely Anna’s Hummingbird, the namesake species of the Dutchess of Rivoli from back in the 19th century. These birds are common on the Pacific Coast and are frequently seen in the wintertime. They originate on North America’s west coast.

When people initially look at Anna’s Hummingbirds, they notice stunning plumage. People don’t fully grasp how beautiful the male birds’ feathers are, however, until they turn their heads under light. When the birds do so, people get the opportunity to view their majestic luminous feathers that change colors from various angles. Their throats feature gorgets, which are radiant feather tufts.

Female Anna’s Hummingbirds aren’t quite as visually striking as their male friends are. They lack the bright reddish-purple throats and crowns that the males have, after all.

Male Anna’s Hummingbirds are making quite a splash on the internet thanks to their beautiful and colorful feathers. Don DesJardin’s video clip of a male Anna’s Hummingbird is racking up thousands and thousands of Youtube hits since first being posted toward the end of July. Youtube viewers just can’t seem to get enough of these birds’ stunning coloration. When you look at male Anna’s Hummingbird, you never really know what to expect. Their feathers may look a certain way one minute only to change without you even realizing it the next. This is why countless Youtube users from all around the world are now entranced by these lovely mid-sized hummingbirds.

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