VIDEO: Daddy Films First Bath Time With His Newborn Girl. This Made My Heart Melt. CUTEST EVER!

Everybody loves newborn babies: so cute, sweet, and innocent. Parents dote upon their little bundles by documenting every milestone through videos and pictures, even baths.

In the following video, you’ll see a dad bathing his newborn baby girl for the first time while the mother is capturing the moment on video. The newborn is so small and fragile that she can barely keep her head up.

Throughout the entire video, the father is talking sweetly to the little girl, who is listening intently and watching her daddy’s every move. He thinks his little girl might be tired or hungry, and tells her he hopes she sleeps through the night soon. It is a special interaction between father and daughter. He’s in the bath tub with her and is holding her out in front of him.

One thing he tells her is that he better not see any bubbles because that means she might go poop. Right before that he says,”Here it comes!” and is referring to poop! The little one is even grunting, and it is hard to tell whether or not the poor baby had an accident in the water. I’m pretty sure the dad would have high-tailed it out of there if she had!

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