Hilarious AND Adorable: This Little Dog’s Reaction To Going Outside In The Snow

Sometimes snowy weather does not even appeal to house dogs. A video circulating online recently displays the disgusted reaction of a tiny miniature dog to the prospect of venturing outdoors into a landscape filled with snowdrifts.

Tiny Lulu, a dog of approximately eight pounds, captivates the attention of the audience in the video. The diminutive canine wears an attractive teal blue doggie sweater. She resembles a Tibetan terrier, with fluffy brown fur and a tiny yet forceful personality.

When Lulu heads towards the door, her human attentively offers to open it, asking her if she’d like to go outside? She briefly prances backwards out of the way as viewers hear the sliding sound of a door opening. Then she hurriedly returns towards the threshhold.

The door opens to present a scene of vivid winter storm activity. Some of the blowing drifts of snow in the yard appear significantly taller than little Lulu as the door opens. From the house, video viewers see a backyard shed in the distance, its roof layered with several inches of frozen precipitation.

The tiny dog pauses at the doorstep without venturing outside. She only requires a few seconds to evaluate the scene before she abruptly turns around and runs back into the interior of the home, never having set a paw outdoors. Clearly, in this type of cold winter weather, little Lulu prefers the comparative comforts of a warm dwelling to the rigors of the outdoors!

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