4 Brothers Wrote A Song That Broke America’s Heart. But When They Sing It On TV? Incredible…

Singing together in harmony is something that often takes a lot of talent. There are a lot offamily members who can start singing together like they are a part of a choir. There was a popular show that came on television many years ago, called “The Statler Brothers Show”, and it was on every Saturday night.

Many people have enjoyed the comedy and the music from the show. The Statler Brothers began their career after they backed up fellow country music singer Johnny Cash, and soon the brothers were able to perform on their own without being with someone else on the stage.

One show featured a group of four brothers who wrote a song called “More Than A Name On The Wall.” The song is about a mother grieving over her son who passed away in the Vietnam War. The woman wants others, including God, to know that her son was more than a name on a large stone wall.

The song can still be heard online, and there are also videos of the brothers singing on the show. This is a song that tends to pull at the heart strings, especially for those who have lost children in a time of war.

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