WikiLeaks Threatening To Reveal Donald Trump’s Biggest Secrets

Many critics of President Donald Trump have suggested that he has no true friends. He simply interacts with people to form a mutually beneficial relationship, and one of these recent “friendships” was with WikiLeaks.

Trump actually encouraged the hacked DNC emails to be released and denied any Russian involvement. This put all the credit, or blame, on the outfit that was launched by Julian Assange.

But it appears that Trump’s relationship with WikiLeaks has gone sour. In a couple of recent tweets, the company essentially went to war with the President, and they have encouraged anyone with information to send copies of his tax returns to their site.

They’ve stated in the tweets that Trump has not kept his promise to release his tax returns, which is worse than Clinton concealing transcripts from Goldman Sach’s.

The tweet came after Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s counselor, announced that he will not be releasing his tax returns as he had promised earlier. She stated that people no longer care about Trump’s returns. They voted for him without seeing them and are more focused on what their tax returns will look like when he is president rather than what his look like now.

After Conway’s statement, WikiLeaks tweeted a response saying that if Conway wouldn’t release Trump’s returns, anyone with information about them should send them to the site so they can release them.

It still remains unclear whether or not Trump will remain “friends” with the WikiLeaks organization or if he will have them investigated and taken down by the CIA.

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