When This Orangutan Sees a Magic Trick Its Response Completely HILARIOUS!

If you think kids are the only ones who enjoy a simple magic trick, think again. An amateur magician performed for an orangutan at the Barcelona Zoo in Spain, and the orangutan’s reaction has caused the video to go viral.

The video clip is just a little over 30 seconds long and shows a man sitting on the ledge of the glass cage with a cup. Inside the cup is a ball, which he shows to the orangutan. He then puts the lid on the cup and shakes it up moving the cup below the ledge where the orangutan can’t see. The magician  quickly removes the object and puts the lid back on the cup.

When he places the cup back on the ledge, he removes the lid and shows the orangutan that there is nothing left in the cup. Once the orangutan looks in the cup and sees nothing’s there, he falls on his back and begins laughing. For those who believe animals aren’t capable of showing the same emotions as humans, this video proves otherwise.

Even animals can find situations to be funny and express emotions such as laughter. If you need something light-hearted to watch, check out the video, and laugh right alongside the amused orangutan.

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