When They Removed The Music From This Song, It Shows How Amazing Freddie Really Was. Chilling!

Most rock music fans would agree that Freddie Mercury had one of the greatest voices ever to grace the world of rock. Always the consummate showman, Mercury is responsible for one of music’s most epic live performances at the 1985 Live Aid concert in London. Even though Freddie left us nearly a quarter century ago, there has been no one since who has been able to replicate the emotional appeal of Mercury’s vocal style.

Mercury had an astounding vocal range of more than four octaves. He even had the amazing ability to capture a variety of emotions ranging joy to agony all in a single note.

However, if you think you know Mercury’s voice, think again. One Queen fan recently uploaded a video of the band performing their classic anthem “We are the Champions” but with a twist. The fan removed all of the instrumentals and background vocals to highlight Mercury’s voice. The result is absolutely chilling. Not only do you notice the range, clarity, and accuracy of his voice, you sense that each note is backed by feelings of pain and struggle. The urgency in Mercury’s voice makes the song seem autobiographical in nature.

If you have forgotten about the magic that was Freddie Mercury, go ahead and dig out your old Queen albums and give them another listen. No doubt you will be as captivated as we were.

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