When GOP Read This They Freaked Out. See Why They Would Have Hated Jesus

When GOP Read This They Freaked Out. See Why They Would Have Hated Jesus

Many have known for some time that conservative Christians are not actually representative of Jesus. While they are all about preaching about their own superiority, Jesus was all about empathy for everyone, no matter what they believed.

Some of these conservative Christians would deny it, but Jesus would be all for the Pope being inclusive rather than letting dogma rule. He would be all for gay couples being welcomed into church on Sunday.

Evangelism in the United States is more about following a cult based on a book than about actually following Jesus. Jesus actually rejected what was written down in favor of empathy towards his common man.

Jesus actually undermined what was written in the scriptures in favor of empathy for others. He would commonly say things such as, “The scriptures say thus and so, but I say…”

Jesus, instead of being a good and obedient Jew, followed what he believed was right. When a leper came to him and asked for healing, he actually reached out his hand and touched the leper. By touching the leper, he was actually violating the rules of Leviticus. There are two chapters in this book that specifically state that touching an individual who has leprosy will make the second individual contaminated.

So many conservative Christians believe that they are honoring Jesus with their actions, when they’re actually doing the exact opposite. Every time they show hatred and intolerance in the name of their religion, they are actually dishonoring the son of God.

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