When Dad Starts Dancing In Front Seat, Now Watch How His Little Girl Reacts. LOL!

Laughter is contagious, especially the laughter of children. When people hear someone laugh, they cannot help but laugh along with the person even if they missed the joke entirely. Laughing is healthy and fun to do, so here’s a video of one father and his son LOLing together.

Baby Phoebe, just 10.5 months old, was amused when she noticed her father dancing in the front seat of the car. Not only does she start to laugh at him, but she starts copying the moves that he makes. Before you know it they are both laughing and dancing.

When the father moves his head, baby Phoebe moves her head right along with him and giggles throughout the 30 second video. Parenthood can be quite a challenge, there are times when parents ohave to stay up late with their sick baby. Not to mention the countless feedings and diaper changes – those things can make parenthood exhausting. However, the precious moments like this one, shared by daughter and father are one of the many things that people claim make it worth it. I’m not so sure, myself.

The video of this dad and daughter dancing has gone viral. It has received over 7,577 shares on Facebook and over 415,000 views on YouTube. Many people on social media have been touched by the video, so check it out and LOL yourself.

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