We Knew Orangutans Were Smart, But THIS? Rise Of The Planet Of Orangutans…

The bond between human and animals has always been special, and the bond between monkey and man is even deeper. In fact, we share 97 percent of our DNA with chimps. Orangutans are some of the most intelligent and interactive creatures on the planet, and while we always knew they were smart, this video is mind-blowing!

Nemo, a 14-year-old Orangutan at the Thailand Zoo, was caught on camera demonstrating just how smart and cognitive her kind is. When she was ready for a nap, the inventive creature managed to fashion a single sheet in her enclosure into a functional hammock – and it’s all on video…

It’s truly a marvel watching Nemo tie the ends of her sheet into knots, tight enough to suspend her above the ground while she lounges and enjoys the afternoon from her sweet new resting spot. The event not only proves that Orangutans are inventive and intelligent, but that even in captivity, their instincts still reign supreme. Orangutans are native tree-dwellers in the wild, so it only makes sense that Nemo would have the urge to spend her days above ground.

The video was shared by Animal Cognition, a nonprofit organization founded in 2015 to “investigate the mental capacities of animals.” The original post was captioned,

“Nemo, a 14-year-old female Orangutan, wants to take her afternoon nap but sleeping on the concrete floor might not be comfortable, so she builds a hammock.”

The organization also summed up my thoughts in one word exactly when they described Nemo’s actions as “incredible.” You can watch the special moment for yourself. It’s a fantastic reminder that one of the best pleasures in life is to kick back and relax.

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