VIDEO: When This Pizza Worker Took A Smoke Break She Never Imagine Moments Later She’d Do THIS

Courtney Best, who is a Papa John’s employee, received an Amber Alert on her phone when she had stepped outside for a smoke break. A few seconds later, she noticed a White Dodge Avenger that matches the description of the vehicle on the Amber Alert. Courtney saw the man from the White Dodge Avenger walking in the parking lot.

She stated that the little boy looked scared, but she did not believe it was the right person at first.

She walked up to the White Dodge Avenger and found that the license plate matched the one on the Amber Alert. The man soon returned to his vehicle with the little boy. Courtney called 911, and she then got in the car and followed the man. She told the 911 operators that the license plate matched the one on the Amber Alert, and she was following him.

The police arrived on the scene shortly and arrested Channing Galbraith, who was the man who kidnapped the little boy. The boy, whose name is Nicholas Gomez, is now with his family. Nicholas’s life was saved because of the quick actions of Courtney. That is why it is very important for people to pay close attention to the Amber Alerts.

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