VIDEO: When They Stepped To The Mic, No One Ever Could Have Imagined They’d Play This!

Some kids will do anything to get a chance to go to summer camp.

Three young girls from Monterrey, Mexico wished to go to the esteemed Berklee School of Music Summer Program. However, this program is as expensive as it is exclusive. The girls decided to raise money by posting a video of them covering Metallica’s Enter Sandman and ended up going viral.

When you see three young girls pick up guitars and drumsticks, you expect to be in for a migraine. However, these three talented your ladies defy the stereotype, having taken on one of metal’s most difficult songs and slayed it. All three are clearly talented enough for a music summer program. 14 year old Daniela takes on the lead guitar and singing with surprising skills, while 12 year old Paulina keeps the beat on a drum set that is twice her size. Alejandra, the 9 year old bass player, holds down the group with some serious bass moves.

The moral of this story? It doesn’t take a hairy sweaty guy in torn jeans to roll with rock’s most challenging rhythms. Sometimes a teenaged girls with curls and a Hollister tee can do as well as the pros. These girls definitely deserve the summer trip that they are working so hard for.

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