VIDEO: What This Dog Teachers This Newborn Toddler Absolutely Blew My Mind!

It is always entertaining to see just how similar to humans dogs can be. People really do not give them enough credit; many say that they are just animals, but it is clear that they have more thoughts in their heads than a lot of people would initially believe.

In this video, a little girl is on the verge of crawling. Her parents capture her as she is trying to crawl along the floor. However, she doesn’t have the hang of it just yet. The family dog wants to help her along, and he does something adorable and absolutely hilarious in order to do so.

While the little girl is in the crawling position on the floor, the dog first gently nudges her, and then when this does not make her crawl, he actually decides to demonstrate the crawling motions for her. He actually moves to a position beside her and starts “crawling” himself, which is absolutely entertaining to watch. It is hard not to laugh at this intelligent pup, who is trying to be a teacher to the little girl and leading by example.

It is clear that this pup wants a playmate who is just as mobile as he is, and he cannot wait for her to learn at her own speed. He wants her to be able to crawl right now. She will be able to crawl sometime soon, and at this point, the pup will have what he wants, even if he does have to wait.

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