VIDEO: Toddler Meets Newborn Twins For The First Time, His Reaction Is HILARIOUS!

It is double the trouble when a baby boy meets twin girls! Or perhaps this baby boy thinks he has landed on a strange planet.

A baby boy named Landon is sitting on a chair between two younger twin baby girls. The girls are dressed identically wearing the same adorable outfits and the same white flower headband. The only way to tell them apart is by their facial expressions.

The girl on Landon’s right is crying, while the girl on the opposite side of Landon looks a lot more peaceful. Landon begins to look at one of the girls and then turns his head to look at the other girl. This begins a scenario of him looking back and forth at the girls while his parents are watching and taping the moment. Landon’s expression is priceless! He has a sense of bewilderment and confusion.

Then he turns his head perhaps thinking that the same baby girl is also sitting on the other side of him.

This goes on for some time without a single tear from Landon. No one can be sure what Landon was thinking at that moment. Maybe some day when he is older, he will see the video and remember what he experienced on that day. One thing is for sure, Landon’s family will forever treasure this video.

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