VIDEO: This Flight Started Like Any Other, But When These Seniors Turn To Each Other? LOL!

Earlier in January 2015, there was another YouTube video uploaded with passengers singing in the plane. A flight attendant on the US Airway airplane, Kari Mann and the rest of the passengers in the plane were patiently waiting for the plane to take off to New Orleans but then they heard that there was a flight delay due to maintenance.

The flight attendant discovered that there was a barbershop quartet in the plane after talking to the passengers for a while. To brighten the mood, Mann then asked the barbershop quartet to sing and the four old men turned to each other and started to sing. The barbershop quarter, Port City Sound, was singing the 1964 old classic, “Under the Boardwalk” by the Drifters with one or two men were harmonizing with “bum da dooo badum”.

While the Port City Sound was singing the song, other passengers seem to enjoy the performance as they were taking other technological devices to record the performance that would unusually happen at a plane.

Kari Mann then uploaded the performance on Youtube that now holds more than 720,000 views. At a boring time to wait for a flight to take off especially after it has been delayed, who would have imagined a entertaining performance on a plane to happen?

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