VIDEO: These Twin Girls Looks Out Of It. Then Mommy Opened Her Mouth. What Happened? LOL!

Many people love nothing more than videos of babies laughing. There is a good reason for this, as these videos are simply adorable. Additionally, the fact tat they are so easily entertained is endearing and fun to watch for anyone.

These twin baby girls are no exception. They absolutely love it when their mother sings to them, and their enjoyment is very obvious. In this video, their mom sings the theme song from BBC’s EastEnders to these girls. They are grinning so incredibly wide in reaction, and they are dancing as well. If you have never seen an 8 month old child dance, it is quite a sight and worth watching for sure.

These 8 month old twin sisters are so adorable and clearly love hearing their mother sing. Hopefully, this will last for a long time, so that mother and daughters can have this wonderful quality time together. For now, however, it is enough just to see how happy they are right now in the moment.

The only thing that is cuter than one baby laugh and dance is two of them. These two girls are twins as well, so it is like watching double the cuteness. Hopefully we see more videos of these girls with their mother in the future. We would like to see how they laugh, smile, and dance to all sorts of songs that she sings to them. It should provide all sorts of wonderful entertainment for anyone who likes watching these kinds of videos.

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