VIDEO: These Babies Are LOVING Bath Time. Then When Daddy Sneaks In? OMG SO FUNNY!

Trying to scare people is one of the oldest tricks in the book and, sadly, one that few boys grow out of when they become men!

In an adorable new Rumble video added by MsFreshFish, two-year-old twin boys are playing happily in the tub while their father sneaks up and tries to scare them. Mom is obviously in on the joke too, because she keeps the boys distracted while dad crawls across the floor and hides beside the side of the tub. One minute the boys are chatting happily with mom about eating apples for lunch, the next their dad has jumps up from the bathroom floor.

What happens when he springs up and says “roar”? Obviously, these boys are used to their dad because they hardly flinch; instead, they just begin laughing uproariously and offering him their bath toys. According to what their parents have been saying, these precious boys are impossible to scare and it seems that daddy has been defeated once again!

Could you be this brave if someone scared you in the bath tub? I know that the answer is “no” for me!

It seems dad’s going to have to come up with some new moves if he wants to stun these little guys!

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