VIDEO: The Judges Thought She Would Be Terrible Because Of Her Disease, Seconds Later…WOW

Rachael Leahcar was being walked onto the stage by one of the technicians who worked at the Voice. The care that was shown by this tech was wonderful. This show took place in Australia.

What was so different about, and singled out Rachael Leahcar in this competition was not the fact that she was eighteen years old, but her rendition of the Classic song La Vien Rose which she sang in French and English. With her clear, precise voice, which is mature beyond her years this was a great song for her.

Her singing ability is above reproach, and the audience was standing on their feet within the first ten bars of the song. Then, as she progressed more into the song, the four judges listened intently. Two of them turned around at first, and then within seconds a third. Almost at the end of the song, the fourth judge turned.

As Leahcar stood on the stage smiling, she then told the judges that she was legally blind. They were swept away with her singing and each had praises for her. Now her musical ability has landed her a record contract and her beautiful voice will be saved for all posterity on records.

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