VIDEO: She Looks Down At Her Newborn Baby, Then Reveals The Shocking Truth!

Linda told people that her horse Jazz was pregnant, but they refused to believe her. Jazz did not show during her pregnancy, which was why people could not believe she was expecting. Linda and her husband knew that the baby horse would be small because both of her parents are very small. However, they had no idea that she would only weigh 13 pounds.

Linda and her husband Jim named the horse Itty Bitty Hope. She has tied the record for the smallest horse in the world. Despite the fact that Itty Bitty Hope is a lot smaller than the average newborn horse, she is healthy and happy. She is also being spoiled by her family. Linda and Jim have a very important job for Itty Bitty Hope.

They will be training the horse to become a therapy horse. They run an organization called Mini Hooves of Love. This is an organization that provides animal-assisted visits to people in shelters, nursing homes and hospice patients.

Itty Bitty Hope will continue to grow as she gets older. However, she will always be a lot smaller than the average horse. Mini horses like Itty Bitty Hope not only make great therapy animals, but they also make great family pets.

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