VIDEO: She Covers Her Hair In Tinfoil Using A Strange Pattern. When She Removes It? Awesome!

Curling long hair often feels like a science project. It is a struggle to figure out what size and brand of iron to use, let alone exactly how to curl the hair and how long to heat it. A Youtube video featuring Brittany H introduces a brand new way to curl hair. While her method doesn’t cut down on time, its simplicity is priceless.

Take a small section of hair. Twirl it around two fingers into one thick curl. Slide curl off of fingers, but do not unwind. Take a small piece of tin foil. Place it under the curl so the curl lies flat on the foil. Fold the foil on top of the curl so it encases the flat curl.

Take a flat iron and flatten the foil-wrapped curl. It may take a few clamps of the iron. Hold each clamp for approximately 5 seconds. Continue going around head, curling hair around fingers, wrapping in foil, and flattening with the iron.

After allowing the curls to sit for at least ten minutes, gently slide the tin foil off of each curl. The curls will naturally flow down. If any of the curls are still flat, simply wrap them again in foil and repeat the process. Curls can be sprayed with hair spray when finished curling. Hair that started out straight now is full of flowing curls!

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