VIDEO: Her Phone Rang In Class. When He Tried To Reprimand Her, She Did The Unthinkable

High school and college students receive phone calls and text messages while in class on a daily basis, but some teachers are less likely to put up with classroom interruptions than others.

For one teacher, there was nothing more annoying than hearing a phone ring while he was trying to instruct his class. When this happened, he made his students answer the call with speakerphone on, allowing the entire class to hear every word of their conversation.

That rule was designed to scare students into turning off their phones and respecting the teacher’s time, but it backfired big time. One day during class, a female student’s phone rang. She seemed surprised but followed the teacher’s directives to turn on her speakerphone and answer the call.

The teacher’s demeanor changed dramatically during the course of the call. He went from serious to shocked as a nurse from a doctor’s office gave the student extremely private and unexpected news. The student’s classmates stayed quiet and listened to the phone call, even though they were ready to laugh hysterically at the teacher’s response. It was all a part of one hilarious April Fool’s Day prank that everyone knew about ahead of time except the teacher.

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