VIDEO: He Was Falling Into The Pond. But What Happened, Had Me At A Loss For Words

When a man sees that he is about to fall into a pond, he probably thinks that nothing will save him. Right before he goes into the water, something amazing happens.

However, the scene isn’t exactly what it appears. There are vines across the internet of people who have made plays on stories, songs and movies. This is a way for people to do things that they might not have been able to do without the help of videos.

Vine is a way for people to create videos that are about six seconds in length. When people like this young man use their creativity, six seconds is plenty of time to make a video that takes someone’s breath away. When watching this video, you will see that there are people who have an imagination and what is on the minds of the younger generation.

As the video begins, the man is walking on a sidewalk in front of a pond. He looks like he is about to fall into the water until he stops and tilts backwards. Other vines include jumping into a car when it’s moving and his arm somehow catching on fire when the campsite is behind him. These vines are nothing short of amazing in how they are created.

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