VIDEO: As Soon As The Judger Turn Around To See Who Is Singing, They Scream In Joy. AMAZING!

On June 8, 2014, the Philippines talent show, The Voice Kids presented a 13-year-old girl’s offering of the late Laura Brannigan’s power ballad, “The Power of Love,” which resulted in the show’s judges giving her an enthusiastic standing ovation.

Giede Laroco’s voice has been compared to that of Celine Dion, since her vocal range can cover songs that require powerful depth. The song chosen was also the selection of the show’s previous winner, Mitoy Yonting.

The Voice Kids judges (Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo and Lea Salonga) each praised the fact that Laroco’s graceful and effortless rendition was able to hit each of the high notes necessary. Salonga declared that the song was sung perfectly, which soon resulted in Laroco choosing the Tony Award-winning actress.

Laroco, who is from Dagupan City, stated that her main reason for entering the competition was to obtain her own house for both herself and her parents, who were backstage during her performance.

The economic difficulties have been a reality for Laroco’s family for an extended period. Prior to the appearance on The Voice Kids, Laroco performed in a restaurant near her home in order to provide additional funds for the family. During her time there, Yonting and his band also performed, a connection that no doubt played a role in the course of events that would follow.

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