VIDEO: A Line Of Cops Stops A Widow And Her Kids On The First Day Of School. Why? Amazing!

At a time when cynicism has never been higher, a group of “men in blue” reminded everyone that honor and respect still exists in America. As it turns out, that respect extends to the families of the fallen.

Back in 2010, Phoenix Police Officer Travis Murphy’s life was taken while performing his sworn duties. At a time when grief was high for his family, fellow officers extended a promise to his wife that they would always be by her and her family’s side as they moved on with their lives.

In one of the most heart-warming displays of caring, these fellow officers joined by local firefighters formed a procession line from the curb leading up to the school where Travis’s kids will be attending this year. As the kids, Kaylee and Kody, were escorted by their mother Danielle into the facility on their first day of school, those officers were there to honor that promise made more than five years ago.

At the time of their father’s death, Kaylee was two-years-old and Kody was only two-weeks-old. On this most memorable of day for the Travis family, Kody was starting his very first day of kindergarten while Kaylee was beginning her second grade year.

Emotions were high as the kids were truly overwhelmed by the idea so many people cared and respected their father. For all the bad press given to these public servants, let no one ever forget the sacrifices these people make in risking their lives for fellow citizens.

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