Tony Perkins: Obama runs ‘shadow government’ from ‘mansion control’ in D.C.

Christian activists groups and right-wing conservatives still use Barack Obama as profitable boogeyman although his presidency ended a few months earlier. Obama is the principle subject of many conspiracy theories especially from the apocalyptic Family Research Councils such as the Pro-family. During last week’s email fundraising campaigns, they used the same tactic several times

Tony Perkins, the President of FRC, introduced the claims by saying that you are the target of Obama’s shadow government, and he warned the subscribers that Obama was a serious threat to the freedom of religion they enjoy. He further asserted that Obama’s threat was because the former president was running a shadow government from Washington DC at a command center in his mansion which is a covert operation to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump.

According to the warning email from the people at the Right Wing Watch, Obama bought a mansion command center only a walking distance from the Whitehouse where the right arm of his political activities, Valerie Jarret took residence with the family to further the power influence intentions of Obama’s post-presidency. Undermining the administration of Trump from the close location will not be difficult because Obama is ready to roll into action, according to Eric Holder, the former Attorney General. He equated Obama’s activities and house with the 1983 movie, WarGames’ control center.

Many analysts from Washington describe the move as a soft coup in which the operatives of Barack Obama both within and outside the administration are taking part in activities that are aimed at subverting the conservative policies of Trump’s administration. Perkins claims that the target of the subversion moves includes the recent advances made on behalf of freedom, the family, and faith.

Unlike Obama, whose eight-year presidency introduced several controversial legislations, Perkin asserted that President Trump is a true and real defender of Christianity. During the eight years in which Obama was in office, several momentous changes took place including; the punishment of military chaplains for teaching Christian and biblical values, the threats against Christian business owners to face cumbersome and crippling fines if they did not abandon their Christian beliefs, and the legalizing of same-sex marriages. Other allegations by Perkins which apparently have had far-reaching consequences are the decision to force schools to open their restrooms to members of the opposite sex, and the order of nuns to give funding in their health insurance plans for drugs that could destroy human embryos.

The allegations of subversion are treasonable, and if there was any substance, then Obama should be impeached and brought to trial. However, from the tone of the email, it appears the claims are part of a wider scheme to discredit Obama even when he is no longer the president. The claims of a soft coup by the former President from the analysts in DC might be an indication of the fears bedeviling the Trump administration about the uncertainty of some serious policy issues that touch on social reforms. The pronouncements by Perkin that President Trump was faithful to his promise to protect the First Amendment rights might sound hollow in the face of the allegations. On the National Day of Prayer, President Trump further reinforced his determination to protect the rights by issuing an executive order for many religious freedoms to be safeguarded. The battle for freedom of religion in America far from being won is just gathering momentum as a rallying point of major battles between the Republican conservatives and the Democrats. The big question is whether Obama is running parallel administration just yards from the Whitehouse!

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