Time Magazine Asks Trump: “Please remove your fake magazine covers ASAP”

Time Magazine Asks Trump: “Please remove your fake magazine covers ASAP”

There is no denying that Donald Trump has done some interesting and questionable things since he became president. He has made statements that are verifiably incorrect, and he consistently makes decisions that seem to make no sense. His administration is constantly scrambling to put out the most recent Trump fire, whether it be through manipulation of the media by not allowing them to record audio or video, or by giving the press spun answers that aren’t even good excuses. For instance, Paul Ryan literally said that Trump’s many errors are the result of his lack of political experience. What most people don’t know is that Trump has a history of doing and saying things that are a bit unorthodox.

It takes a lot to understand exactly what sort of person Donald Trump really is. Everyone knows how he feels about women after his disgusting comments went viral from 2005, which was long before he entered the political sphere, but the true depth of his behavior is often overlooked by those who are awe-struck by the domineering attitude and cutthroat business acumen. Of course, most of those who worship the Donald for his business acumen probably aren’t aware that he declared corporate bankruptcy a total of six times through his various businesses, and much of his reputation for a domineering business style was built from the publication of The Art of The Deal, which many people don’t know was ghostwritten. When discussing the creation of that book, Donald Trump often takes credit as if he actually wrote every word, but if the ghostwriter is to be believed, and he should be, Trump did not write a single word of the book.

Herein lies a pattern that Trump has made fairly regular in his life. He has no trouble taking credit for inflated or exaggerated accomplishments, and he apparently has no problem accepting credit for things that never even happened. Not only that, but anything about him that could be called negative is instantly disparaged by the President as ‘fake news’ simply because he can not fathom a situation where he isn’t correct, therefore anyone that criticizes him or his decisions is a liar. Unfortunately for Trump, the truth isn’t something that stays hidden for long, and his reputation for ignoring facts and reality is only growing larger.

A recent story broke that detailed yet another mistruth from the Trump camp. This one would be nearly impossible to blame on anyone other that Trump directly, but it probably won’t be long until Trump makes a statement, or a tweet, stating how this situation wasn’t his fault. It was recently revealed that Trump has several fake covers of the popular TIME Magazine on display in at least four of his golf clubs. The fake cover features Trump with his arms crossed and a glare on his face, and the photo is paired with a headline praising The Apprentice, Trump’s former home on television. The date on the cover reads March 1, 2009, but that issue was never published.

Not only was there no issue of TIME on that date, but there was no issue during the year of 2009 that featured Trump on the cover. In fact, Trump has only graced the cover of TIME once, and that was back in 1989. TIME Magazine is officially asking that those fake covers be taken off display. A reporter initially discovered one of the framed covers while visiting one of Trump’s properties, and it was painfully obvious to the trained eye that the cover was a fake. The classic red TIME border wasn’t the right thickness, and it was paired with a white border. The cover was on display in a series of other TIME covers, and the Trump cover was the only falsified example.

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