They Met At 3-Months-Old, Wait Until You See Them Decades Later…

Spring has arrived, bringing blooming flowers, singing birds and plans for graduation. Since many teens will be heading off to college in the fall, the senior prom is an important event that allows friends to have one last special night together. How one person asks another to the prom is just as important as the outfit, dinner, car and dance.

Eli Kerr decided to ask his lifelong friend, Megan Schiedler, to the prom. The pair both have Down syndrome, and were first introduced at the age of three months. In the years since, a special relationship has grown between the two, and Eli wanted to be sure his “promposal” was something Megan would always remember and treasure. He created a video of himself singing the song “My Girl” and played it for her at school while holding a handful of flowers.

Megan was so delighted, she broke into tears. Her classmates were also impressed and moved by Eli’s tender gesture. Some of them danced in the background as Eli sang the song. Megan’s mother said that going to the prom was one of the first thoughts that crossed her mind when she first held Megan as a baby.

Eli’s beautiful act of love is surely one of the sweetest prom stories ever.

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