These Boys Are Asked Why 1 Kid Is Being Bullied…Watch What The Boy On The End Reveals.

The life of a teenager is often filled with emotions that sometimes can’t be controlled. To say that there isn’t bullying in schools would be wrong as teens can sometimes be cruel to each other. There are some schools that are teaching students to stand up against bullies.

One fifth-grade student wanted to know why someone would pick on a student who has special needs. This is a good question, but the important question is why someone would choose to pick on someone else in the first place. Everyone is different, and that’s what makes the world go around.

A special needs student at one elementary school has five friends who have decided to take a stand and make sure no one bullies him. They do everything possible to make sure he is included in the activities of the class. Some of the other kids in the class were making the boy’s life unpleasant, and his friends stood up to them.

These kids were using the boy, and they were taking advantage of him, making him feel like he didn’t matter. That’s when a small group stepped in and started playing with him on the playground and making sure he didn’t feel left out. These actions changed the boy who thought he had no friends at all.

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