The Delivery Room Gets Intense When Baby Stops Moving – But Then Something Strange Happens…

A period of tension and worry quickly became a festival of joyous tears and happiness wand this video captured the whole thing. A father wanted to record the birth of his son to immortalize the big, BIG moment in their lives.

The doctors became concerned while cleaning off the baby because it seemed unresponsive. Panic filled the delivery room as they struggled to get a response from the child. The father decided to talk to the baby as his hopes began to run low. Soon, they noticed the baby’s eyes flickering and its limbs moving and within a few short seconds, the baby fully opened his eyes and began to cry.

The worried mother began weeping and nurses mirrored her in shedding tears of joy. The baby had not responded to any physical touch or doctor’s input, but rather jumped to life with the simple sounds of his father’s voice. The baby was cleaned, had his umbilical cord removed, and was given to the hands of his sobbing mother.

The entire ordeal was captured on the film in the attached video. What seemed like a simple delivery, would grow to become one of the biggest and happiest moments of two parents’ lives. Watch the intense delivery scene and let us know what you think!

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