TEST: Do You Have An IQ Over 150? Try To Solve This Puzzle And Find Out!

There are some people who have higher IQs than others. A few tests online can help determine if you have an above-average intelligence. One puzzle might help in predicting whether you have an IQ that is over 150. It seems to be a simple puzzle with numbers and equations, but once you begin solving the puzzle, you find that it’s much harder than it looks.

There are a total of eight equations that have the answers along with them. You have to determine how the answer was reached as the answer isn’t the traditional answer that you might expect. The first equation is 6 + 4 = 210. If you think about the problem and how the numbers are when they are subtracted and added, then it’s easy to get the results. There is a video that explains the procedure of how to get the answers to the equations.

Those who have watched the video still aren’t sure how the answers have been reached. However, if you take the number that you get when you subtract the two numbers and place it in front of the number that you get when you add the two numbers together, then you might be able to see how the results are achieved.

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