Son Steals Hair Clippers – When Dad Asks Him to Turn Around? It’s Impossible Not To Laugh

Kids are always the most adorable when they try to copy what grownups do. Sometimes they can’t quite get it right, but that’s what makes the imitation so cute! Of course, this kind of behavior isn’t just entertaining for grownups. It’s also essential for kids’ education and development.

One little kid learned a different lesson than he was expecting when he took his dad’s razor! Of course, this little guy has probably seen his dad shave his own head hundreds of times, so he decided to grab dad’s shaver and give it a go himself.

Unfortunately for the little barber in training, either he couldn’t reach the back of his head, or his parents caught him mid-shear. Either way, in this video the boy is sporting a hilarious shaved in front, long in the back look! The rapscallion is contrite, saying dutifully that he’ll never use dad’s razor again. That part of the video is funny enough, but somehow it gets better! Not content with the apology, the kid’s father asks his son to spin around so he can show the whole world what a mess he’s made of his head. It’s priceless.

Fortunately for the kid, his head is only one once-over with clippers away from a normal (if notably short) haircut. I bet he’s learned his lesson!

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