She’s Got Magic Hidden In Her Hair – When She Runs Her Hand Through It You’ll Be Amazed!

Jaye T, a blogger from Singapore, recently posted a video of her new hair color on Tumblr. The color looks normal at first glance, but when she runs her hands through it, something amazing happens.

The video begins by showing Jaye’s shortplain hairstyle and dark brown hair. But then she begins running her hands through it and a rainbow of several different colors appear. Hidden underneath her plain, dark brown hair is a spectrum of dyed green, blue, and purple! Her new color was done using a new oil slick hair coloring technique, which was started by Aura Friedman, a colorist from Sally Hershberger Salon. In the video description, Jaye includes her personal name for the new color.

She calls it “secret metamorphmagus hair” in reference to the Harry Potter series. The witches and wizards in this popular series have the ability to change their appearance as they please, so the name appropriately captures the magic act Jaye’s hair seems to perform. This new hair color revelation is meant for those who are drawn to unique hair colors but are relictant to abandon their natural color completely. The coloring technique allows for pops of color and uses minimal bleach, so your hair won’t dry out as much as it would if you colored your entire head.

Jaye tells those who wish to replicate her style to collect as many reference pictures as possible to give their colorist a good idea of what they are expecting the look to achieve.

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