She Gave Birth To Triplets. But People Racist Americans Starred At Her In Disgust. The Reason. Ugh

She Gave Birth To Triplets. But People Racist Americans Starred At Her In Disgust. The Reason. Ugh

Love knows no color for a young couple who decided early in their marriage to adopt children of different races. Today, that formerly childless couple are loving parents to five healthy, happy non-Caucasian kids.

Rachel and Aaron Halbert are a deeply religious, pro-life couple who didn’t fall into despair when they found out they couldn’t conceive children of their own. They took the news, which would be devastating to some couples, as a sign from God to reach out and adopt non-white babies in need of a loving home.

Aaron’s parents were Christian missionaries who raised him in Honduras while spreading the word of their faith. He grew accustomed to being the only white person in the crowd, which gave him a greater appreciation of different cultures and helped him feel at home with other races. Rachel, however, grew up in the delta region of Mississippi with little exposure to other cultures. That didn’t hinder her compassion for others as she fully embraced the idea of non-traditional adoption.

Soon, the couple found themselves as parents to two black children. Aaron and Rachel loved how their multi-racial family brought them into contact with people they would never have met before. Rachel gets advice from her black friends on how to style her daughter’s hair, while Aaron enjoys meeting new friends while taking his son to the barbershop.

With two healthy children, most couples would consider their family complete. Not Aaron and Rachel. When they found out about a Christian embryo bank called National Embryo Donation Center, which stores frozen embryos in the course of a couple’s IVF treatment, they decided to undergo the treatment to give birth to two additional black children. In an astounding twist, one of the embryos divided, and Rachel ending up giving birth to triplets!

As happy as this family is, not everyone is sharing their joy.

Some people in their community, both black and white, have been critical of the couple for adopting children outside of their own race. However, they’ve met just as many who are supportive of their decision. Aaron and Rachel are too busy with their incredible, young family to worry about the naysayers. They’re reveling in their roles as parents to five healthy children, no matter what color they happen to be.

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