She Finally Meets The Perfect Guy – But 7 Years Later, He Reveals THIS Bone-Chilling Secret:

Rachel Moore, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, thought that she had met and married the perfect guy. This seemingly perfect guy, named Daryl, was everything that Rachel could have imagined. In the beginning of their relationship and marriage Daryl was patient, kind, and gentle to Rachel and her children.

However, Daryl’s nice side suddenly came to and end about three years ago when he attacked Rachel out of the blue. Due to Rachel’s experience with domestic violence in her previous relationships she had a feeling that Daryl’s behavior would only get worse. Rachel eventually made the smart decision to kick Daryl out of their home.

Rachel also promised herself that she would not get involved with Daryl again. The only problem was that Rachel was seemingly tied to Daryl forever because he was the father of two of her five children. For two years Rachel and Daryl tried to maintain an amicable relationship for the benefit of their kids.

The amicable relationship between Rachel and Daryl suddenly came to an end on April 11, 2014 when Daryl stormed inside Rachel’s home unannounced. Daryl was drunk and Rachel feared that his behavior would only get worse. What Rachel did not know was that Daryl actually had a gun with him. As Rachel and her children took shelter in a bedroom, Daryl shot Rachel twice in her arm.

Rachel lost consciousness from the gunshot injury. However, Rachel’s children saved her life when they attacked Daryl as he attempted to reload his shotgun. Rachel’s 12 year old son grabbed Daryl’s gun and hid it outside. Rachel’s 14 year old son punched Daryl as Daryl tried to attack Rachel again.

Eventually Rachel’s children were able to use techniques they learned in martial arts class to lock down Daryl until help arrived. After help arrived Rachel was taken to a nearby hospital where she recovered from her gunshot wounds. Today Rachel is telling her story of survival to everyone. She ultimately has her five children to thank for saving her life.

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