Republicans Ignite Their Voter Registration Cards After Trump Takes Nomination

Republicans all over the country are upset about the fact that Donald Trump is the republican nominee. Many people have stated that the republicans do not have anyone to blame but themselves. The republicans have elected people to congress who have not done their jobs. Many people have been elected multiple times. Some people also believe that the republicans are one of the reasons that wealth inequality is a major problem in this country.

Voters have demanded many things, such as an increase in the minimum wage in order to keep up with the rising cost of living. However, the republicans have ignored the cries of the voters. Many republicans have accepted the fact that Donald Trump is the republican nominee. Others are disgusted and are determined to do whatever that they can to stop Donald Trump from getting in the White House.

Many republicans have stated that they will rather not vote at all than vote for Donald Trump. Some people have stated that Donald Trump winning the republican nomination was the beginning of the end for the GOP establishment. Donald Trump has divided the republican party. Many people have stated that the republican party may never be united again because of this.

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