Put Some Pork Chops In A Slow Cooker – 3 Ingredients Later And Your Mouth Won’t Stop Watering

Talk to average home cooks about how to make a savory pork chop, and their answers will differ. Spice blends and cooking methods can vary; individuals often have their own favorite techniques for creating the kind of pork dishes they prefer. Pork is the kind of meat that soaks up whatever spices and sauces it is prepared in.

No matter how you cook your pork chops, you can count on them to be delicious when they are finished cooking. For those who might be in search of a new way to prepare pork chops, what I have for you is a suggestion that might be different from cooking methods you have tried before.

What makes this a top-notch pork recipe is that it uses three ingredients that are all easy to find. What you need is a packet of ranch dressing, cream of chicken soup, and pork chops. A slow cooker will be your method of preparing these pork chops.

The first step is to clean the pork chops and put them in the slow cooker. What you will need to do after that is add the cream of chicken soup and one can of water. Finally, add the packet of ranch dressing. The last step is to turn the slow cooker on and let the pork chops cook. Leave the machine on low for about six hours, and the pork chops will be done. After six hours, you can expect a delicious meal.

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