Police Man Puts Child In The Back Of His Car. Where He Drives Him To? An Entire Town Is In Shock

Corporal Che Atkison noticed that a young woman in the police station’s lobby one morning. She had several bags and a baby girl with her. Corporal Che Atkinson asked the woman how she was doing. The woman replied that she was doing fine. However, Corporal Che Atkinson knew that the woman was not telling the truth.

He decided that he was going to strike up a conversation with the woman. The more she talked, the more Corporal Che Atkinson began to realize the bad situation that the woman was in. She stated that she had recently got out of a relationship that involved domestic violence. She also stated that she and her daughter were homeless.

Corporal Che Atkinson felt compelled to help. He was able to get in contact with one of the woman’s distant relatives. The person stated that he or she would pick the woman up from the station. However, when Corporal Che Atkinson came into the station the next morning, he noticed that the woman and her child were still sitting there.

He also found out that it had been two days since the mother and her baby had eaten. Corporal Che Atkinson knew that he could not let the mother and daughter continue to suffer. He got them a hotel room, which he paid for with his own money. He also brought them food and drinks. Corporal Che Atkinson made sure that the woman and her child were safe before he left the hotel.

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