Obama Learns To Kitesurf In The Caribbean – These Photos Will Make Your Day

After leaving the White House and stepping down from his demanding role as president, Barack Obama took a much-needed vacation to the Caribbean. While there, he was able to soak up some sun and even learn some new skills.

Obama and his friend Richard Branson learned to kitesurf together, and videos of the experience have emerged online showing what a great time the two had together.

One of the videos begins with the two hanging out on a speed boat. Then, Richard puts his skills to the test and hops on the board to see how long he can stay up. After falling a few times, he finally manages to get the hang of it. He levitates his board in the air and is able to keep it at 50 meters high.

Barack is up next. He manages to start off a lot less rocky and glides through the water as he learns the ropes. He’s able to get his board in the air a whopping 100 meters, beating Richard’s score by a landslide.

The end of the video shows Barack smiling ear to ear celebrating his victory. He appears to be having a wonderful time and is hopefully unwinding after a stressful two terms in the White House.

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