Maniac BF Leaves His Woman Bleeding On Road. Then A Stranger Shocks The Entire Town…

Caleb Martin early ending New Year’s Day shift ended up changing two lives forever. As he drove home from McDonald’s, he noticed a car driving erratically along the winding road.Bu it was new Year’s. Naturally Caleb assumed that the driver was drunk. However, upon closer inspection, he realized something far more nefarious was afoot…

He realized that not only was the car swerving toward a guardrail but also, towards aonther car. The 18-year old man tried to alert the fellow driver but she was nevertheless struck and knocked over the road’s guardrail. It was then Caleb realized that the driver in front of him wasn’t drunk at all.

Rather, he had intentionally run down the woman  person. Once the assailant realized there was a witness to his crime, he immediately sped away. Fortunately, the woman, Jenna, was alive. As they climbed into Caleb’s vehicle, he dialed emergency services and listened to her story. Not only had Jenna’s boyfriend run her down, knocking her over the guardrail, but he’d already shot her twice while she was inside his vehicle.Jenna had escaped  and was attempting to run from her attacker he turned car around, fully intent on killing his woman.

The admirably calm caleb  reported everything to 911 dispatchers, explaining his situation to to them, and reassuring Jenna to keep pressure on the wounds, to suppress the bleeding. Thinking quickly, he drove her to his grandparent’s home. While continually on the phone with emergency services, Caleb continued to attend Jenna’s wounds and reassure her that she would not die under his watch. Jenna was taken to a nearby hospital where she recovered significantly from her wounds.

However, she grants Caleb with credit for her survival, regarding him repeatedly as “an angel.” She claims that he was sent to save her from her fiendish boy”friend” (who was later found dead of self-inflicted wounds). Caleb, too, reflects on the significance of the timing surrounding that New Year’s Day near-tragedy. Often times happy endings occur only as a mechanism of chance. No one is steering this ship.

An unusual turn of events allowed Caleb to leave his shift early, which put him in precisely the right place at exactly the right time to witness the near-death of the 29-year-old woman. An angel? Perhaps. But Caleb is a hero for certain. Maybe even a legend.

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