Ivanka Also Bribed Florida Attorney General To Cover Up Trump U Scandal

Ivanka Also Bribed Florida Attorney General To Cover Up Trump U Scandal

Ivanka Trump is now a centerpiece in the ballooning speculation that potential bribery may have occurred between Donald Trump and the attorney general of Florida, Pam Bondi. The attorney general abruptly ended her investigation into Trump’s failed for-profit venture, Trump University. Records show that Ivanka Trump personally donated money to Bondi’s re-election campaign in September of 2013 and Donald Trump donated money to the campaign earlier in the same year.

The claim is that Donald Trump engaged in a pay-to-play spending spree during 2013 in order to gain favor with the attorney general of Florida and the former attorney general of Texas, Greg Abbot.

According to reports, the AG of Florida personally solicited money from the Trumps in August of 2013 and a month later Bondi received personal donations from the Trumps. Initially, the Trumps donated $500 apiece to Bondi’s campaign in 2013, and after those donations, Bondi solicited larger donations from Trump himself.

At the center of the scandal is Donald Trumps failed Trump University. Several lawsuits have been filed and Trump faces a November federal trial that includes possible consumer fraud and racketeering. In the summer of 2013, the attorney general of New York, Eric Schneiderman, filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump and Trump University during his alleged pay-for-play spending spree at that time.

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