Homophobic Preacher on Campus Shut Down by Quick-Witted Student

Sometimes someone comes along and is incredibly rude to people around them. This is why it is nice when they get their just desserts so to speak. We can all take pleasure in someone getting shut down by those who disagree with their point of view and in fact express something that is much more agreeable. This is the scenario that took place at the college campus of the University of California San Diego.

The person who was not a pleasant visitor was a homophobic preacher who decided to come on campus and make his opinions heard loud and clear. This is a common tactic taken by people who do this kind of thing. While they seek out the proper paperwork to get their spot on the campus to be heard, they are often not well received by the student body as a whole. They do this on purpose to make their point even in areas where they know people will not agree. It is also true that they do this to get a reaction.

Most of the students who saw this preacher on the campus just walked past him without a comment. That being said, there was one student who decided to take this on and make a point of his own. He wanted to change what could have been a very unpleasant situation into something that was funny and informative.

The student started to mimic the speech of the preacher and to make little rhymes based on the types of things that the preacher was saying. He was above the preacher and the preacher did not seem to know what to make of this whole situation. He was not sure if he was being mocked or if the person was truly on his side.

There was someone who was filming the whole situation and knew what was going on. The person filming was clearly amused by what was going on and was more than happy to keep filming while this preacher just kept getting mocked and made fun of for his beliefs.

The student who was mocking the preacher went so far as to make hilariously outlandish claims such as that cigarettes cause homosexuality. This of course is not true and is just a way of highlighting the absurdity of some of the points that the preacher was trying to make.

This was just a college kid in a hoodie, but he took a situation and made it great for those around him. He made what could have been very unpleasant into something that was not at all. In fact, he even made it fun for all the rest of us as well since we got to enjoy it view the video that was taken by his friend. This is the type of thing that can happen in our digital age.

Mocking these types of hate preachers is becoming something of a sport for those on college campuses. They realize that while these people may have the right to come and speak, the students are also allowed to give their own point of view on what these individuals are saying, and now they are starting to do so.

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