Her Mic Gets Shut Off – Here’s Who Finishes The National Anthem!

Back in late November 0f 2014, the NHL’s Nashville Predators were getting ready to take on the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Air Canada Centre. When two teams from different nations face off in professional sports, it is customary to have each country’s national anthem performed before the game actually starts. Since the game was being played on Canada’s home ice, the video you’re about to see during the singing of the American national anthem may send a few chills up and down your spine and brighten your day as well.

While the American vocalist began singing The Star Spangled Banner, technical difficulties arose; the microphone kept cutting in and out during the A cappella performance, which normally would’ve invoked a cacophony of noise from the avid hockey fans in Toronto. Instead, they banded together and finished the American national anthem in unison!

Bagabus, a frequent YouTube user, had this to say about the recording and the performance: “I happened to be filming the anthem because I have 2 daughters, 2 and 4 years old who always stand up with me and sing both countries anthems when we are watching the games from home on TV, so since I had the chance to watch a game live, I thought I’d record it for them to see later at home. Turns out it was a feel good moment for Canadians and Americans, and I’m glad I caught it on video and could share it!”

Since uploading the video, the clip has gone viral to the tune of over 5 million views. Although the Maple leafs came up short and lost the game that day, their fans showed a tremendous amount of respect for the game and an inspiring display of teamwork.

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