He Was The best He Could Be To This Little Girl. What She Gives Him As A B-day Present? I’m Crying

For every tragic story that is told, there is also a story about love and family that demonstrates the purest form of kindness that so many possess. This is a story of Ryan and Misty and the unconditional love that they share.

Ryan Farrell of Joliet, Illinois sits in a chair surrounded by his loved ones. His daughter Misty Nicole Knight stands closely by and hands him a box wrapped in shiny red paper. A lengthy note is attached. Misty encourages her dad to read the letter aloud.

“Is this going to make me cry?”Ryan stands up already getting emotional.

Ryan doesn’t yet know what the box contains, but he does know it came from this beautiful girl standing before him. While Misty is not Ryan’s legal daughter, he has raised her and loved her like she was his own. Ryan begins to read the letter out loud. Misty tells Ryan how amazing he is and reminisces about all of the wonderful things Ryan has done for her. Misty remembers Ryan styling her hair, helping her in school and taking her to her first music concert. Misty explains to Ryan how important he is to her and she, “cannot imagine not having you in my life.”

Ryan continues reading as the letter confirms that he must really be confused by now. The letter tells him to go ahead and open the box and that it’s okay if he cries.

As Ryan unwraps the red paper and opens the lid he is thoroughly excited to discover new Superman pajamas. Inside also contains several boxes of his favorite candy. The last item in the box is a stack of papers. Misty is officially asking Ryan to legally adopt her as his daughter.

When Ryan realizes what the papers mean he is overcome with emotion. The only thing he can do is hold Misty in his arms, the way he has her whole life. Misty has confirmed to Ryan what he knew along, that she has always been his daughter. Not only in spirit but will now be in name.

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